Your child safety wristband & App - My Buddy Tag
innovative child safety device

Features & Benefits

Peace of mind for Mommy & Child
Out of Range Alert works great for:

  • Little ones who easily wonder off & get distracted
  • Helps mommies manage Multiple Kids
  • Toddlers that are very curious
Water proof child safety device
Water Safety Alert is great for:

  • Crawling babies & Children up to 5 years old @ home/ family friends/ parties that helps prevent accidental drowning
  • Where parents are pre-occupied
Panic Button is great for:

  • Daddy's girl that goes to the toilet alone
  • Little ones that get bullied @ the play areas
  • Little ones that are under distress
Child GPS tracking
Email with Last Seen Location

  • Peace of mind for parents when children are out with babysitters

  • Emails you the time and map locations when your child was last seen by BuddyTag App. Perfect for parents with a nanny taking the kids out for activities!
Child Panic Button

Added Benefits

Cast Your Safety Net to Keep Kids Safe
Assists mommies with Autism or Special needs children
Comes in Vibrant Colours
Personal ID
No Monthly Charges
Inexpensive & Free App
No Battery Charging Required
Comes in Vibrant Colours
Wristband has a special screw fastener that can only be opened with a coin thus making it difficult for a child to take it off
Personal ID
No Monthly Charges/ Contract
Inexpensive & Free App
No Battery Charging Required
Know where your child is...