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Very Simple & Free App
(iPhone 4s or newer)
(Samsung S3, S4, S5, Note2, Note3 with Android 4.3 or newer)

Buddy Tag App
This product's target market is for babies & children up to 8 years

FOR YOUR CHILD'S SAFETY MY BUDDY TAG IS BEST USED IN: Spacious Indoor/Outdoor Surroundings where Bluetooth functions it's best eg. Malls, Shops with Aisles/ Clothing Stands etc., Flea Markets, Festivals, Expos, Outdoor Fields, Holiday Resorts, Outside pool areas.

PS: Restaurants and Indoor home surroundings is not ideally recommended, all depending on obstructions and phone Bluetooth capability, but explore with your Buddy Tag and make it work for you.

Just add Buddy Tag to your lifestyle as an addition to your family as an alert.

As a Buddy Tag parent always observe and stay alerted.

Buddy Tag™ Communicates via Bluetooth

Why not GPS or Cellular?

  • Cannot provide Water Safety alert to prevent accidental drowning.
  • Have High Power consumption and require Frequent Charging.
  • Expensive, thus Bluetooth technology is more cost effective.
  • GPS and Cellular has Monthly Service Charges.
Know where your child is...